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Pregnancy Diet

I know that the questions will start rolling in about the diet I am doing during my pregnancy. Everyone is different- especially when expecting. I highly recommend hiring a coach that is certified to write and instruct you on a pregnancy meal plan. Below you will find some examples of meals I had during different trimesters (this blog will also be updated frequently).

I am a creature of habit and it's much easier for me to make the same meals for 3-5 days in a row and then switch everything up entirely

Weeks 1-8:
My diet did not really change during the first few weeks + we had a ton of holidays and events to attend. As cliche as it is- my true meal plan started on January 1

Week 9-12:
Breakfast: Fried eggs with a smoothie: fruit and collagen (kale, banana, blueberries, dates, collagen, almond milk, ice)
Lunch: Salmon, buttered carrots, kimchi (three times a week)
Other lunch: ground venison, spanish rice, guacamole, and taco sauce
Dinner: Venison, green beans, wild rice
Other dinner: venison chili (makes the best leftovers)
Snacks: Mixed berries with cool whip, plantain chips, cashews, yogurt with granola, cottage cheese
Others: bone broth and supplements (linked and listed on my initial pregnancy blog)


You heard that right- we are expecting our little one on July 30 2020! We are so overjoyed and I am so excited to be able to share this interactive blog post with you

My plan is to update every few weeks with how I am feeling + products I am loving

There is so much information out there and the most important thing to remember is that all pregnancies and experiences are different. Your doctor should be only a phone call away for emergency questions!

Ok, on to the details!

Josh and I always said we wanted to wait 5 years before having kids and wouldn't you know it- our five year anniversary was January 17, 2020! We tried for only one month (Josh was super bummed) and we found out on November 20 that we were expecting! We found out together and filmed the entire thing! Yes- we will be finding out the gender at our week 20 appointment

Conception month
A lot of woman underestimate how important nutrients and your diet are during the conception month. I completely cut out all caffeine the minute I stopped my last period before we started trying. I also highly recommend using a basal thermometer and app if you are trying to conceive- it will take virtually all the guess workout of ovulation timing. I was tracking my temperate and ovulation for over a year before we started trying- it's a great way for natural family planning. The thermometer and app I used can be found here. Additionally- you should be taking your prenatal the entire time you are trying to conceive as well. Think of conception as early pregnancy- no drinking, no smoking, etc as you do not know the exact day you will conceive. It's better to be safe than sorry

Starting weight: 133lbs

Weeks 1-8: 
The only differences included slight bloating, fatigue for a few hours in the afternoon, some hormonal mood swings, mild cramps in the first few weeks, and the highest urge to tell the entire world while also knowing we had to wait. I felt nauseous a few days and have some slight food aversions, no real cravings yet! I also have been very blessed to not have any morning sickness except for one day and turns out it was food poisoning. Nonetheless- I freaked out and went on an Amazon shopping spree and enlisted the help of my pregnant friends and my sister who has 3 kids for their tips- I have linked all the products I ordered below to combat the sickness in case it happens again! My workouts struggled slightly due to fatigue during the first two months but I still went to the gym 4-5 times a week

Appointment 1: 
We had the first appointment on December 20- right before we left the same day to be in Indiana and Ohio for the holidays for six days. Everything from the heart beat to the ultra sound to the blood work all came back normal and on pace! The heart rate was ranging from 150-162 bpm. Appointment 1 weight: 135lbs

Weeks 9-12:
What a whirlwind month 3 was- between the holidays and telling family and trade show season starting- this was definitely the quickest month by far. The only few symptoms I am currently experiencing is fatigue and random headaches. I also feel myself thirsty often which is crazy because I already drink at least a gallon of water per day. I have also been getting weekly chiropractic appointments to realign my hips to assure that my labor and delivery will go as smoothly as possible. I also have been practicing a ton of diaphragmatic breathing and core exercises as well as pelvic floor exercises to further ensure the safest delivery of baby. Workout energy is luckily back to where it was before I got pregnant. I have not had to modify any workouts in any way. I have been filming the entire time so if you need workout ideas, please reference:
Additionally, I have been walking 5 miles every single day at home! It has helped so much with getting blood flowing and getting all my steps in!

Appointment 2: 
This appointment was only about 20 minutes- but the doctor told us "boring is good" when it comes to pregnancies. Baby's heart beat was 172, blood work all looked great, and I have went up a few pounds in weight- which is right on track for my body. It's also an old wives tale that the gender of the baby determines their heart rate. Some appointments they may be very active and others they may be resting. It makes me very uncomfortable when people guess the gender so please, keep your guesses to yourself! Appointment 2 weight: 139lbs

Appointment 3:
At week 13 we went in for our genetic screening, an ultra sound, and more blood work. Baby was very active and the skin test showed a very low probability of any genetic abnormalities. We also got to see baby for about 30 minutes while everything was being measured. Heart rate for baby was 162bpm during this appointment. Appointment 3 weight: 139lbs

Week 14:
We had an event in Nashville for a gym opening in which they employee a prenatal chiropractor and pelvic floor specialist. I went in for an appointment and had an incredible experience. Between the hip and muscle adjustments, she also discovered I have poor circulation so I am now using cinnamon bark extract oils on my wrists several times a day. I also will be working on some tips on overall pelvic floor health and breathing techniques!

Week 15 - 16 and 4 month appointment:
Weeks 15 and 16 I traveled a ton between an event in Nashville, a retreat in Denver, and celebrating our birthdays in Las Vegas. Luckily all my fatigue has went away completely and my stomach is finally starting to look like I am pregnant and not like I enjoyed too many donuts over the weekend. Today (Valentine's Day), we had our 4 month appointment. We heard baby's heartbeat which was 148bpm today. All vitals looked amazing for me and we also had the spina bifida blood screening and will know results from that in about 2 weeks
Appointment 4 weight: 141lbs

The Bump (free)
Flo ($50/year)
Baby Tracker- once baby arrives

Books- Audible on Amazon
What to Expect When You're Expecting
Dude You're Gonna be A Dad  (Josh)

Vitamin D3
Fish Oil
Magnesium Lotion (to help fight insomnia)
DripDrops (if you do get sick often, your loss of liquids can result in dehydration)
Preggie Pops
Sea Band
Coconut Oil
Protein- whey and vegan
Stimulant free PREworkout 1-2 times per week as needed
Colon relief
*as with any pregnant or breastfeeding female- we all have different needs and different experiences during this journey. PLEASE consult with your doctor before adding supplements in. What is safe and approved for one pregnancy may not be for another
**a lot of people have been asking why greens are not this list- my doctor and RD both said I was getting enough nutrients through my diet and prenatal so supplementing with the greens was unnecessary. Just like some days I get enough protein in my diet through whole food that I do not need to supplement with protein powder. 

First Trimester Diet:
My first trimester diet consisted of a ton of avocado, veggies like peppers and cucumbers, tuna 3 times a week, boiled eggs, homemade venison soups and roasts, fruit and collagen smoothies, and salmon- to name a few. I also have been loving venison and rice bowls with taco sauce and guacamole along with my mom's famous vinegar, cucumber, and onion salad. Reference my pregnancy diet blog for more ideas!

I think it's extremely vital too to mention that I have been drinking about 1.5 gallons of water per day. I have been extra thirsty so it hasn't been difficult to hit the water goal. I use our BN shaker cup for ease!

Things to Never Ask a Pregnant Woman:
How long were you trying
Was this planned
When are you going to try for a second
Can I see your belly
Are you going to vaccinate
Are you going to breastfeed
Are you going to get an epidural
The last 3 are controversial and anyone who asks is typically trying to pick a fight if you disagree with their beliefs. Don't stress a pregnant woman out and mind your own business

Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman:
Your stomach gave it away weeks ago
Team boy!
Team girl!
I was wondering when this would finally happen

Pregnant is a beautiful thing and it is up to the mother with how much she wants to share- don't pry.

Monday, December 9, 2019


Introducing our newest line- EAAs (Essential Amino Acids)

These will be replacing our BCAAs in order to bring you, our amazing customers, better and better products (please click the link to review what BCAAs are)

I have been getting a ton of questions on EAAs, what they are, the difference between the 2 products, who needs them, when to take them, etc

The difference

EAA- essential amino acids
BCAA- branched chain amino acids

What are amino acids?
As I am sure you all have read somewhere before- aminos are the building blocks of protein. Most only tie aminos to muscle gains and protein synthesis. But wait there's more- they are required to function as a human being- including but not limited to: physiological functions, metabolism, cognitive ability, etc

Of the 20 aminos- 9 are essential. Lucky for you- the new Bowmar ESSENTIALS has all 9 of the essential aminos and is a full spectrum product:

1- Leucine- critical for growth hormone production and protein synthesis
2- Threonine- supports immune system and fat metabolism
3- Lysine supports muscle repair and recovery by playing a role in growth hormone secretion
4- Isoleucine- helps prevent muscle breakdown during lifting and cardio
5- Valine- heavily involved in energy production
6- Phenylalanine- helps promote a healthy nervous system
7-Methionine- aids in the body's ability to process and eliminate fat
8- Tryptophan- not just in turkey! It's a precursor for serotonin which regulates mood, appetite, and sleep
9- Histidine- aids in fighting off cell-damaging free radicals

EAAs can be take any time during the day

Why EAAs over BCAAs?
Many, many clients of ours have seen amazing results with supplementing with BCAAs- the EAAs are just a way to better enhance the product and ultimately- give you better results!

BCAAs are essential for human health and serve as a great source of fuel for workouts and recovery. You need adequate amounts of EAAs to optimize your overall heal and complete protein synthesis

Some people don't need to supplement with either! That's the beauty of supplements- you may be getting enough already through your diet. Foods high in EAAs:

  • Lysine is in meat, eggs, black beans, seeds
  • Histidine can be found in meat, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds
  • Threonine is found in cottage cheese and wheat germ
  • Eggs, grains, nuts, and seeds contain methionine
  • Valine is in cheese, soy, peanuts, vegetables, whole grains
  • Isoleucine is found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese, lentils
  • Dairy, beans, legumes are great sources of leucine
  • Dairy, meat, poultry, soy, fish, beans, and nuts contain phenylalanine
  • Tryptophan is in high protein foods such as wheat germ, cottage cheese, turkey, and chicken

As you can see- you CAN get all ESSENTIALS through diet alone but if you find yourself not recovering quickly or simply want to see if supplementing with this new product will help you- it's a great way to ensure you are getting in all of your EAAs throughout the day

Saturday, December 7, 2019

NYC- Take A Bite of the Big Apple

NYC is known for a lot of things, for us, it's about food and sight seeing. There are so many pieces of history in New York City and it's definitely a city I think everyone should travel to at least once in their life
We have been to NYC 3 times and we stay in Times Square at the Marriott Marquis- it's in the middle between central park and SOHO which makes it a prime location to get everything done you want!
We Uber from the airport to the hotel but everything after that is all walking- by the time you wait for your car and sit in traffic, it evens out to about the same time. Plus- all the walking will help burn off the calories from all the amazing food. Be prepared to walk about 8-10 miles a day

Below are all the tours and shows we have seen plus all the restaurants that we have approved and eaten at- there are some that didn't make the cut. Enjoy NYC and please let me know if you utilize this list and what you see / what you eat

Things to Do:

Empire State Building
911 Memorial
State of Liberty
Ellis Island
Carriage ride through central park
Underground donut tour
Pizza tour
Blue man group
Derren Brown magician
Museum of National History

Places to Eat (linked with Instagram):

Las Vegas- What to Do, Where to Stay, What to Eat

We got engaged in Vegas and we have been out there almost a dozen times since we have been together.  Given our love for the outdoors, its quite strange that we love Vegas so much but it truly is one of our most favorite cities. We rarely gamble and we hardly drink - we mainly go to shop, eat, and see shows. I've been compiling a list of all the things we have done since we started going to Las Vegas and below, you will find my list! I will also like to note that 1/2 our Vegas trips are for conventions and the other 1/2 are for fun- our ideal Vegas trip is landing at 10am, staying 2 nights, and flying out around noon on the third day. It's long enough but you won't get burned out

All  of the following recommendations are places we have personally stayed at, places we have eaten (and approve- there are some that haven't made the list), and shows to see

Where to Stay:

New York New York
Marriot grand chateau

Shows to See (not including special engagement comedians):
David Copperfield
Criss Angel
Mat Franco
Blue Man Group
Penn and Teller 
Pif the Magic Dragon 

Where to Eat (linked to Instagram or website):

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Bowmar Nutrition Colon Cleanse

Some supplements are great for weight lifters. And then they are some supplements that are great for literally every human being on the planet- this being one of them. Over the last few weeks, I have received a ton of questions regarding this product, usage, etc and since there are so many "detox" teas and crap products on the market- I knew I needed to write a blog on this product. Roughly 70% of your health comes from your gut- the healthier your gut- the healthier you are. If you find yourself bloated, sick, tried, or all of the above- you should look to healing your gut. We know this product can help with that. 

This product is a great addition to our fiber and probiotics that we offer! This does not replace either of these products, it is a wonderful addition to your daily supplement regiment. If you would like a further explanation on either fiber or probiotics, I highly recommend clicking on the respective link for further readings

Think of your gut / intestinal track like a water slide (bear with me). If you do not weigh enough, you will not make it down the water slide or it will take FOREVER. If you're not catching drift- you are your poop in this analogy. Adding fiber will weigh you down and get you down the water slide without backing everyone else up. That being said- TOO much fiber can make you too heavy and cause even worse constipation. The general rule of thumb for fiber is 14g for every 1000 calories you are eating. Probiotics will make the people on the raft on the water slide different (aka better) and get you down the slide fastest with the healthiest route possible. The new colon cleanse product will push more water down the slide and will also help heal patches that are leaking water on the slide. 

Is this an every day product?
Yes- it is an every day product. Every person is different and will need different durations based on their gut and it's health. I recommend 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening for at least 2 weeks. Assess your bathroom visits, bloat, etc. If you feel that you become consistent with bathroom visits, you can reduce to 2 pills a day. I do recommend this product as daily use if you do not plan to change diet habits (as those are what caused the unhealthy gut in the first place). There is also no harm in taking 4 pills every single day of this as these are not laxatives and you will not become dependent on them. I do recommend, as always, to drink at least a gallon of water a day with them. 

I also want to mention that laxatives are not the sustainable answer if you are bloated or constipated. Long term laxative use can program your colon's peristaltic mechanism (contractions of the intestinal wall) to turn off- this can also damage bowel nerves and your bowel tissues. It is best to figure out the cause of your constipation and fix/heal it the right way. Some common causes of constipation are medications, dehydration, poor diet, stress, trauma, mineral and nutrient deficiency, imbalance in gut flora, etc

Now that we have the high level stuff out of the way, I want to dive more in to some of the nitty gritty details if you are interested. If I have answered all of your questions, you can order here

This is not just a poop pill. We have ingredients in the colon cleanse product that will help repair your colon / intestines as well. For example, magnesium hydroxide (also known as milk of magnesia) is considered to be the more gentle colon cleanser (and it's cramp free).  Milk thistle removes precursors of free radicals through 3 antioxidant enzymes (catalase, glutathione peroxidase, and superoxide dismutase) in addition to metal- binding proteins such as myogoblin, ferritin, etc. 

This product is also extremely different than the "detox" teas (aka the poop teas IG models promote). Our bodies have built in processes to detoxify naturally, six of them to be exact! 

Our liver is the workhouse of the detox process and is tasked with breaking down toxins (from inside and outside our bodies) and help them to safely exit the body. Your kidneys help flush water soluble waste out via urine and your colon escorts toxins and waster matter out via feces. Even your sweat can help release toxins stored in body fat. The problem is that we are all exposed to more toxins than our detox systems can handle and we take in toxins faster than we are able to get rid of them. In short, our buckets are overflowing and the result is chronic health issues. 

Our colon cleanse product is a great way to support your body's natural cleansing and detoxifying processes. It also will not cause dependency if you choose to stop taking them. We truly believe in this product and our reviews can speak for themselves! 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Updated Diet Blog

A blog I have been wanting to write for months yet simultaneously avoiding for months- my diet update. I actually hate the word diet- I prefer eating habits, eating preferences, meal plan, nutritional plan, etc

Before I start this- formalities are needed: this style of eating may work for you, it may not. Please do not blindly copy what I do just because I do it. Listen to your body. If you find it’s causing an unhealthy relationship with food- stop doing it. Do your research before starting it- don’t just take my word for it.

Ok, here we go. Josh has been begging me for years to try low carb. I refused. I didn’t want to fear carbs. I wasn’t in a place, mentally, to give up such a large part of my diet. I was afraid I would become obsessive. I was afraid it was all I would crave. I was afraid of having an unhealthy relationship with food. So I avoided it. Until this year. I finally am in a place where I have a very solid relationship with food and I decided to give it a try for two weeks. 

January 1- that’s what I did. We had left our week long family trip at Disney World and I decided to go all in. I don’t like to call my eating style “keto” because I eat too much protein and not enough fat for “keto”. I also don’t like to call what I do “low carb” as that is an unhealthy way to look at it- I call it high fat / high protein- helps me form my eating habits into a more positive light.

Are carbs bad? Nope. Will they make you fat? Nope. The only way to gain fat is to eat in a calorie surplus- ie: more than you burn. What will limiting your carbs do? I can’t guarantee what it will do for you but I can tell you what it did for me:

After two weeks, my joints felt better, inflammation in my body had decreased, my cravings decreased to almost nothing, and I was losing body fat while maintaining my muscle mass. My overall calories did not change while starting this style of eating. I repeat- MY CALORIES DID NOT CHANGE. 

I am still doing this “diet” 90% of the time. It does make going out to eat much more difficult (which, let’s be honest- is a huge money savor). I will still eat the occasional dessert or high carb meal when we travel but for the most part, I am sticking to the high fat / high protein style of dieting. I feel better and I feel like I look better than I ever have. I am almost heavier than I have ever been and I LOVE IT. 

When I consume carbs now- I can tell my body becomes extremely inflamed (which is normal due to the amount of water the glycogen and carbs in your body need). I feel foggy and lethargic. Will this happen to you? Maybe, maybe not. We also had blood work done in February that deemed us both carb sensitive. Are you carb sensitive? Maybe, maybe not. Only blood work can determine that. 

This post is in no way meant to make you fear carbs. I don’t. I simply love the way my body feels on my high fat / high protein diet!

I highly suggest listening to podcasts from Ben Greenfield and watching Thomas Delauer on YouTube if you want to really dive in to the style of eating. For now- this is what I will continue to do. Doesn’t mean I will do it forever but that’s why they call it body building!