Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Gifts for New Moms

There's a lot of stress as a new mom- your world completely changes in the blink of an eye. Josh has been the best dad in the world (I hate using the world help because he isn't helping, he is a parent too, he just can't do a lot of the things that baby needs right now but he does as much as he can). Even with having him, there are still a lot of stressors for a new mom that make great gift ideas if a friend, sister, or family member has recently given birth and you want to show them that you care!

Obviously flowers are always beautiful and a lovely gesture, here are some additional ideas that I have been either gifted or gifted myself (typical me) that I think would really show a new mom in your life that you are thinking of her. Personally, we are not allowing guests to see Oakley for 2 weeks to establish a routine for ourselves and I know many are doing that as well at this time- so the days of bringing a casserole over are somewhat a thing of the past (at least they aren't a thing of the present). 

Gift ideas:
Also- it's important to ask how MOM is doing and not just about baby. This is something I never realized until becoming a mother myself! It shows you care about HER and how she is doing- it makes a world of difference!