Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Improvement Season- One Month In

So it's been one month since my last show ended and I entered "improvement" season. I'm lifting heavier than I ever have in my life and I actually enjoy going to the gym again. I also am eating almost double what I was when I was leaning out for competitions. The added food is definitely feeding my muscles in the best way possible.

The biggest struggle has been the lack of cardio. I am trying to limit myself to 2 spin classes per week to prevent my muscles from breaking down and in order to continue to see gains. I miss my cardio sweat sessions but I love that my jeans don't fit over my butt anymore and that my shoulders and abs are really becoming stronger and more defined.

Keep on keepin' on

I'm posting some accountability pictures too

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Grateful. Humbled.

This past weekend, Chelsea, Jeremy, and I traveled to Cleveland to watch an NPC show and to attend a fitness expo.

Roadtrip?!?!?! Yes please.

Upon arrival, the FIRST person Chelsea and I spotted, with her back to us, was Jessica Paxson. Our idol. A goddess in every sense of the word.

Chelsea and I first met Jessica at the Arnold when we were sitting in front of her family and fiance. We were in utter disbelief as she stood inches away from us, talking to her family about her suit, hair, make up, etc.

Jessica is currently on the cover of Oxygen. Her and her fiance, Blair, own a gym. AND they live in Ohio.

Having the chance to see Jessica again was incredible. Having her talk to us for 20 minutes about contest prep was literally priceless. She is the most down to earth, incredible, gorgeous woman on this planet. Words cannot describe how motivating it was to get to talk to her at the expo.

Samples.Samples.Samples. We were all in a protein overload when we left the expo to go into pre-judging. The experience helped so much for Chelsea and me in terms of posing and stage presence.

When we got back to Toledo from the show, we started posing practice. Despite feeling like water buffalo from all the protein, we definitely made progress.

To finish up the incredible day, we went to get sushi with a bunch of our friends at Sakura. Vegetarian rolls and dishes are prettier than any meat dish, in my opinion :)

In all, it was an incredible weekend and definitely has gotten me more excited to be on stage in 32 days!