Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No Carb BCAA Gummies

I am dieting for the next 21 days to get ready for a Texas trip we are taking (hosting group workouts + events) in Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. I am currently carb cycling (how to video) and today is my third low carb day. Sooooo I needed something sweet. And what better way to get in a sweet treat than with no carb BCAA gummies?

2 scoops BCAAs (flavor is up to you, I used our lemon lime BCAAs)
1/2 cup cold water
2 packets unflavored gelatin
1 packet sugar free fruit punch crystal light

In a bowl, combine your BCAAs, gelatin, and crystal light. Add cold water slowly. Stir. Pour into a candy mold. Freeze for 30 minutes. Enjoy!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Travel Bucket List

I have compiled a work-in-progress list of all the items on my Travel Bucket List. I have also included all of the items we have already ticked off the list (I say we as in Josh and me, there were a lot of trips taken as a family when I was growing up but I wanted to only include items from married life). Some items are more generic than others and some are oddly specific. I will continually add to this list as new ideas arise! Comment your bucket list ideas if you wish!

Ticked Off The List

  • Drink Luwack Coffee In Bali
  • Learn to Surf- Bali
  • Trek Mt Batur- Bali
  • Spearfish- Naples
  • Catch Mahi Mahi in Aruba
  • Climb the Sydney Bridge- Australia
  • Zip Line in Honduras
  • Catch a Wahoo In Australia
  • New Zealand (All Of It)
  • Kayak Down The Chevon River- Dominican Republic
  • Visit Wall Drug- South Dakota
  • Visit Mt Rushmore
  • Las Vegas (6 Times)
  • Hike to the Y In Utah
  • Cave Tube in Belize
  • Feed Monkeys in Belize
  • Feed Monkeys in Bali
  • Snorkel in the Grand Cayman Islands
  • See the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Take A Selfie with a Wallaby- Australia
  • Go Fishing in New Brunswick
  • Snorkel In Curacao
  • Spend Two Weeks In South Africa
  • Take A Selfie With Big Ben
  • Ride Horses Through Mountains in Montana
  • Get A Doyle Whip from Disney World
  • Cedar Point (12 Times)
  • Take a Selfie with a Sea Turtle
  • Visit the Troll in Seattle
  • Catch a Halibut in Alaska
  • Dog Sled in Alaska

  • Capitano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver
  • Eat a Rainbow Bagel in NYC
  • 100 Mile Horse Ride through Montana
  • European Cruise
  • Hawaii
  • Greece
  • Hike Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Tokyo
  • Visit All Disney Parks (Orland and Anaheim Complete)
  • Kayak Down the Nile
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  • Flathead Lake in Montana
  • Volcano Descent in Iceland
  • Swim in the Devils Swimming Pool
  • Visit Dubai
  • Swim with Penguins in South Africa
  • Para Gliding in Turkey
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico
  • Climb the Great Wall of China
  • Climb Machu Picchu
  • Hang Glide over Rio De Janeiro
  • Rainbow Mounts in Peru
  • Barcelona Stairs to Heaven
  • Swim with Sharks- Maldives
  • Glow in the Dark Beach- Maldives
  • See the Pyramids- Egypt
  • Visit the Redwood Forest
  • Raft through the Grand Canyon
  • Canyoning in Arenal Volcano- Costa Rica