Sunday, May 14, 2017

Travel Bucket List

I have compiled a work-in-progress list of all the items on my Travel Bucket List. I have also included all of the items we have already ticked off the list (I say we as in Josh and me, there were a lot of trips taken as a family when I was growing up but I wanted to only include items from married life). Some items are more generic than others and some are oddly specific. I will continually add to this list as new ideas arise! Comment your bucket list ideas if you wish!

Ticked Off The List

  • Drink Luwack Coffee In Bali
  • Learn to Surf- Bali
  • Trek Mt Batur- Bali
  • Spearfish- Naples
  • Catch Mahi Mahi in Aruba
  • Climb the Sydney Bridge- Australia
  • Zip Line in Honduras
  • Catch a Wahoo In Australia
  • New Zealand (All Of It)
  • Kayak Down The Chevon River- Dominican Republic
  • Visit Wall Drug- South Dakota
  • Visit Mt Rushmore
  • Las Vegas (6 Times)
  • Hike to the Y In Utah
  • Cave Tube in Belize
  • Feed Monkeys in Belize
  • Feed Monkeys in Bali
  • Snorkel in the Grand Cayman Islands
  • See the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Take A Selfie with a Wallaby- Australia
  • Go Fishing in New Brunswick
  • Snorkel In Curacao
  • Spend Two Weeks In South Africa
  • Take A Selfie With Big Ben
  • Ride Horses Through Mountains in Montana
  • Get A Doyle Whip from Disney World
  • Cedar Point (12 Times)
  • Take a Selfie with a Sea Turtle
  • Visit the Troll in Seattle
  • Catch a Halibut in Alaska
  • Dog Sled in Alaska

  • Capitano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver
  • Eat a Rainbow Bagel in NYC
  • 100 Mile Horse Ride through Montana
  • European Cruise
  • Hawaii
  • Greece
  • Hike Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Tokyo
  • Visit All Disney Parks (Orland and Anaheim Complete)
  • Kayak Down the Nile
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  • Flathead Lake in Montana
  • Volcano Descent in Iceland
  • Swim in the Devils Swimming Pool
  • Visit Dubai
  • Swim with Penguins in South Africa
  • Para Gliding in Turkey
  • Hot Air Balloon Festival in New Mexico
  • Climb the Great Wall of China
  • Climb Machu Picchu
  • Hang Glide over Rio De Janeiro
  • Rainbow Mounts in Peru
  • Barcelona Stairs to Heaven
  • Swim with Sharks- Maldives
  • Glow in the Dark Beach- Maldives
  • See the Pyramids- Egypt
  • Visit the Redwood Forest
  • Raft through the Grand Canyon
  • Canyoning in Arenal Volcano- Costa Rica


  1. You have quite the list!! You've done a ton of stuff so far... Nice! We went to Kauai for our honeymoon. We loved that island the best- tons of hiking and has probably hands down the best beaches out of all the other islands. We can't wait to go back! Hopefully you'll be seeing those northern lights soon. ;-D

  2. That's an awesome list! Me and my husband will totally hook you up with the Balloon Fiesta here in NM when you guys come down! We crew for a balloon so you guys can not only see all the crazy balloons but you can help with the crew as well and possibly a ride! Such as awesome experience!

    1. That would be incredible! Could you email me details about it:!

  3. So awesome! I hope to do half of the things you have already done! I have been to the Capitano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, though! It was gorgeous and very rainy haha

  4. My husband and I did the Grand Canyon rafting and hiking trip ! Best trip of my life !!! It's a must...make sure you do the front half of the trip vs the 2nd half there is more rapids in the first half !!! Plus you stay at the bottom of the canyon and hike out about 13 miles I think it is !!

    1. Do you happen to remember the guide service you used?

  5. Go fishing in New Brunswick...Canada?

  6. Come to Michigan for the Northern lights! The Upper Peninsula is BEAUTIFUL and it's amazing to see them there! :)

  7. I've been to Iceland, and it is definitely my most favourite place on earth ( far). You and Josh will love it! If you go at the right time of year you can cross off Blue Lagoon, Volcano, and the Northern Lights in one trip! Thingvelir is there too - so if you stand with a foot on each tectonic plate, you're literally in two places at once!

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