Friday, April 10, 2020

Bowmar Nutrition Pre Workout 2.0

The day is finally here for us to talk about the new preworkout formula that we have been working on since late last summer!

The new pre workout launches IS NOW AVAILABLE. I wanted to touch on some high level points about what sets this formula apart from our current formula as well as answer some FAQs that we have been seeing over the last few days

1: This formula is an improvement on our current formula, there is nothing wrong with what we have now and we will continue to sell it until our inventory runs out. Our original formula is amazing and we have had tens of thousands of happy customers use it and love it
2: We will be offering our new formula in all of our current flavors this year (not right at launch)
3: We will be launching 2 stimulant based flavors today (watermelon and blackberry) and a non stimulant based flavor (lemonade). The non stimulant formula is caffeine and stimulant free
4: You can pair the current formula with the new formula (1 scoop stim mixed with 1 scoop non stim in any combination)
5: This is simply an improvement- this is an ever changing and ever evolving industry with new research and new ingredients. We love improving our products if and when we feel they can be and we know everyone will absolutely love this new formula
6: The tub size is also different and the price will be reflective of that
7: We will have samples of all flavors in the coming months

High level ingredient notes:
I won't be covering every single ingredient because this blog post would go on forever but I wanted to note some differences if you have tried our current formula versus the changes in the new formula
1: Removal of beta alanine- no more itchiness or tingles
2: Reduced the caffeine per scoop so now using 2 scoops will give you the same caffeine intake as 1 scoop of the current formula but with double the other active ingredients (in the stimulant version)
3: Addition of citrapeak- this is an exclusive ingredient that only we have access to for the next 90 days. Of all the ingredients and formulas of pre workout we have tried over the last decade- we can confidently say you will not get pumps like this from anywhere else; to read more, click here
4: Removal of citrulline malate and replaced with l-citrulline  in order to improve performance, reduce fatigue, and reduce muscle soreness

As always, our labels are open labels which means no blends (without letting you know exactly how much of ingredient is in the blend). We list all ingredients with all dosages unlike many competitors. We also use clinical dosages of all ingredients