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You heard that right- we are expecting our little one on July 29 2020! We are so overjoyed and I am so excited to be able to share this interactive blog post with you

My plan is to update every few weeks with how I am feeling + products I am loving

There is so much information out there and the most important thing to remember is that all pregnancies and experiences are different. Your doctor should be only a phone call away for emergency questions!

Ok, on to the details!

Josh and I always said we wanted to wait 5 years before having kids and wouldn't you know it- our five year anniversary was January 17, 2020! We tried for only one month (Josh was super bummed) and we found out on November 20 that we were expecting! We found out together and filmed the entire thing! Yes- we will be finding out the gender at our week 20 appointment which is on March 10.  We will be announcing once our friends and family know first

Conception month
A lot of woman underestimate how important nutrients and your diet are during the conception month. I completely cut out all caffeine the minute I stopped my last period before we started trying. I also highly recommend using a basal thermometer and app if you are trying to conceive- it will take virtually all the guess workout of ovulation timing. I was tracking my temperate and ovulation for over a year before we started trying- it's a great way for natural family planning. The thermometer and app I used can be found here. Additionally- you should be taking your prenatal the entire time you are trying to conceive as well. Think of conception as early pregnancy- no drinking, no smoking, etc as you do not know the exact day you will conceive. It's better to be safe than sorry

Starting weight: 135lbs

Weeks 1-8: 
The only differences included slight bloating, fatigue for a few hours in the afternoon, some hormonal mood swings, mild cramps in the first few weeks, and the highest urge to tell the entire world while also knowing we had to wait. I felt nauseous a few days and have some slight food aversions, no real cravings yet! I also have been very blessed to not have any morning sickness except for one day and turns out it was food poisoning or COVID. Nonetheless- I freaked out and went on an Amazon shopping spree and enlisted the help of my pregnant friends and my sister who has 3 kids for their tips- I have linked all the products I ordered below to combat the sickness in case it happens again (update: it didn't)! My workouts struggled slightly due to fatigue during the first two months but I still went to the gym 4-5 times a week

Appointment 1: 
We had the first appointment on December 20- right before we left the same day to be in Indiana and Ohio for the holidays for six days. Everything from the heart beat to the ultra sound to the blood work all came back normal and on pace! The heart rate was ranging from 150-162 bpm. Appointment 1 weight: 137lbs

Weeks 9-12:
What a whirlwind month 3 was- between the holidays and telling family and trade show season starting- this was definitely the quickest month by far. The only few symptoms I am currently experiencing is fatigue and random headaches. I also feel myself thirsty often which is crazy because I already drink at least a gallon of water per day. I have also been getting weekly chiropractic appointments to realign my hips to assure that my labor and delivery will go as smoothly as possible. I also have been practicing a ton of diaphragmatic breathing and core exercises as well as pelvic floor exercises to further ensure the safest delivery of baby. Workout energy is luckily back to where it was before I got pregnant. I have not had to modify any workouts in any way. I have been filming the entire time so if you need workout ideas, please reference:
Additionally, I have been walking 5 miles every single day at home! It has helped so much with getting blood flowing and getting all my steps in!

Appointment 2: 
This appointment was only about 20 minutes- but the doctor told us "boring is good" when it comes to pregnancies. Baby's heart beat was 172, blood work all looked great, and I have went up a few pounds in weight- which is right on track for my body. It's also an old wives tale that the gender of the baby determines their heart rate. Some appointments they may be very active and others they may be resting. It makes me very uncomfortable when people guess the gender so please, keep your guesses to yourself! Appointment 2 weight: 139lbs

Appointment 3:
At week 13 we went in for our genetic screening, an ultra sound, and more blood work. Baby was very active and the skin test showed a very low probability of any genetic abnormalities. We also got to see baby for about 30 minutes while everything was being measured. Heart rate for baby was 162bpm during this appointment. Appointment 3 weight: 139lbs

Week 14:
We had an event in Nashville for a gym opening in which they employee a prenatal chiropractor and pelvic floor specialist. I went in for an appointment and had an incredible experience. Between the hip and muscle adjustments, she also discovered I have poor circulation so I am now using cinnamon bark extract oils on my wrists several times a day. I also will be working on some tips on overall pelvic floor health and breathing techniques!

Week 15 - 16 and 4 month appointment:
Weeks 15 and 16 I traveled a ton between an event in Nashville, a retreat in Denver, and celebrating our birthdays in Las Vegas. Luckily all my fatigue has went away completely and my stomach is finally starting to look like I am pregnant and not like I enjoyed too many donuts over the weekend. Today (Valentine's Day), we had our 4 month appointment. We heard baby's heartbeat which was 148bpm today. All vitals looked amazing for me and we also had the spina bifida blood screening and will know results from that in about 2 weeks
Appointment 4 weight: 143lbs

Week 17 - 18
What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! I flew to Indiana for my cousins bridal shower, we planned my baby shower, and have been working like crazy on getting for the Arnold which is next weekend! I have been feeling absolutely amazing and almost feel bad saying that because I know how many women struggle with pregnancy. I am counting my lucky stars that I honestly haven't missed a beat when it comes to my workouts, cardio, or work! I started adding in pomegranate juice into my daily diet after reading about all the amazing benefits and it's ability to prevent preeclampsia in some women. I know I am not high risk but the juice tastes amazing and the benefits are just icing on the cake. I have also started using an oil diffuser at night with lavender in it and have noticed a huge difference in my ability to stay asleep. I also *think*  I felt the baby last night but am not 100% sure. We find out the gender at our next appointment in 2 weeks and yes, once our family all finds out, we will be announcing on social media!

Appointment 5: 
This was a big appointment- I am 20 weeks tomorrow and today's appointment consisted of our last ultrasound. We were able to see the baby for about 30 minutes while the technician took photos of all extremities and did all kinds of measurements. I also was told I have an anterior placenta (which means it is sitting between my uterus and stomach) so flutters at this stage probably won't be felt and I also won't feel the baby for another few weeks, especially given that it is my first. Baby is measuring right on track as well at 11oz. We also found out the gender which we will announce in the coming weeks- just enjoying this moment with our friends and family and rejoicing that the baby is healthy. Baby's heart rate was 145bpm.
Appointment 5 weight: 147lbs


Weeks 20-22:
The last few weeks have been... strange. The entire world is experiencing a worldwide pandemic and if I thought everyone knew everything about my own pregnancy before- wow was I wrong. We have been in New Zealand for almost two weeks (before the European travel restrictions were in place, for reference) and before anyone was self isolating. We are currently self isolating in New Zealand and cut our trip short by almost a week to ensure we are able to get back safely. When we arrive back in the country, we will be screened at customs- which I am grateful that border patrol is doing! We will then enter self isolation for 14 days as we have been traveling internationally. I also am expecting a phone call that my next appointment will be cancelled. Other than that- I am feeling amazing. We are eating a ton of wild game and fish here in NZ and baby girl is absolutely loving it. On top of that- I was finally able to feel her kick and move and Josh was able to as well! Crazy to think that the next time we come to this beautiful country, baby will be on the outside and not on the inside of me!

I also have been utilizing these leg compression sleeves for 30 minutes 3-4 times per week to help offset swelling and dark veins!

Weeks 22-24:
We have been in self isolation since the day we got back from New Zealand two weeks ago. Nothing has really changed from our day to day life except for not being able to go to the gym. We have started to buy some pieces for our home gym which will really come in handy once baby is here and I may not want to leave the house to get a workout in. Unfortunately, my 24 week appointment for this week was cancelled because "I am low risk and healthy" so it is pushed back another 5 weeks. Josh also will not be able to attend that appointment either. It will be a long appointment as it is the rest for gestational diabetes. Hoping everything is smooth until then as it will be nine weeks since I have seen a doctor at that point.

I also started to add in salmon roe this week as I am nearing the end of my second trimester. I will continue to eat 1 TBSP each day of salmon roe until baby is here! It is most beneficial for overall brain health and development. If you would like to read up more on salmon roe, I highly recommend this content from Dr. Rhonda Patrick

My recipe:
1 medium avocado- smashed
1 TBSP salmon roe
Splash of lime juice
Pink himalayan salt
Eat as is or enjoy with crackers!

Weeks 25-28:
The last few weeks in quarantine have been fairly routine. I have been feeling the exact same day to day, no pains, no headaches, etc. I am still seeing my chiropractor once a week which has been amazing for my hips and back. I also am still compressing 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

Appointment 6
Today (week 28 + 1 day), I had my first appointment in almost 9 weeks. I had to check in from the car, Josh was not allowed to go, and I had to wear a mask the entire time. I did get a lot of my questions answered (I highly recommend taking notes of questions you have as you think of them because chances are, you will forget). I also had my gestational diabetes test today- the fruit punch drink was god awful. All vitals look good for both mom and baby. Her heart beat was at 141 and they actually let me record it for the first time ever- which was a blessing in disguise. I also had my TDAP vaccine today as well as being checked for hemoglobins in my blood. UDPATE: both hemoglobin and glucose tests were passed with flying colors. My next appointment will be at week 32!
Appointment 6 Weight: 152lbs

Appointment 7:
Long time no update! The last two weeks have been wildly stressful and emotional with the passing of a family member on Josh's side of the family. We also had my second baby shower in Ohio so we spent 9 days with family between the funeral and my baby shower. Luckily today, June 8, I had my 32 week appointment even though I will be 33 weeks in two days. Baby is kicking and moving like crazy. Today she was head down which is perfect and the doctor estimated her to be about 4lbs. Josh was luckily able to attend this appointment with me and we got to hear her heartbeat at 134bpm! My blood pressure was someone surprisingly normal given the stress the last few weeks at 98/70. The doctor wants me to gain about 1lb per week until I deliver at the end of July.
Appointment 7 weight: 155lbs

Appointment 8: 
I am 35 weeks today and we leave for our last trip this afternoon (a work trip and then my sister's bridal shower). Baby will have been on a total of 55 flights before she graces the world with her presence! Everything is looking good- head is still down and her back is on my left side, feet up in my ribs except when she decided to do the happy baby yoga pose (which she does A LOT). Heart rate was 130bpm when we started at 154bpm when we left (she was sleeping when we got there and kicking when we left). The doctor also said there is no such thing as TOO active of a baby which is great!
Appointment 8 weight: 158lbs

Ultrasound Week 36: We decided to do a 4D scan today and I am so happy we did! This was a non medical ultrasound and baby is measuring at 6lbs and the ultrasound went perfect! She has a ton of hair and eyelashes, her feet look huge (I am sure from Josh), and she is looking like she will be born at around 20inches and maybe around 8lbs! We got to watch her for about an hour and have so many more pictures and a DVD of everything we saw.


The Bump (free)
Flo ($50/year)
Baby Tracker- once baby arrives
Pregnancy tracker (free) to track fetal movement and weight

Books- Audible From Amazon
What to Expect When You're Expecting
Expecting Better
The Happiest Baby on the Block
What to Expect the First Year
Dude You're Gonna be A Dad  (Josh)
The Expectant Father (Josh)

Vitamin D3
Magnesium Lotion (to help fight insomnia)
DripDrops (if you do get sick often, your loss of liquids can result in dehydration)
Preggie Pops
Sea Band
Coconut Oil
Belly Butter
Hatch Belly Oil
Pure Organic Belly Butter
Pregnancy Pillow
Elderberry Syrup
Vitamin C Gummies

Protein- whey and vegan
Fish Oil
Stimulant free PREworkout 1-2 times per week as needed
Protein Bars
Protein Butter
*as with any pregnant or breastfeeding female- we all have different needs and different experiences during this journey. PLEASE consult with your doctor before adding supplements in. What is safe and approved for one pregnancy may not be for another


  1. Hey I noticed that you don’t have bn greens listed as a product you are using. Can you share why not?

    1. She said she was getting enough nutrients in her diet and it would be unnecessary

  2. I was wondering the same about BN Greens. Any specific reasoning why not?

  3. I have a male MANAGER at my office who keeps asking me when we are having another. Umm none of your business, are you going to pay for another and it took us 10 years for our son so stfu. People are crazy with their extremely inappropriate comments. Anyway, congratulations! So happy for you and Josh!

  4. I am so excited for you Sarah. I am so happy you felt comfortable enough to share this story! I wish you nothing but the safest, healthiest pregnancy ever for you and the little babe!

  5. Was the mercury in Tuna ever a concern for you? I heard that you shouldn’t consume tuna more then 1-2 times a week. Thank you for the blog. It’s so helpful for me since I’m trying as well.

  6. Just a tip, make sure to start lathering your stomach and hips with a body butter once you start to show. It will help reduce the chance of stretch marks. My Dr told me to do this and to gain weight slowly and it worked! 2 kids and not one stretch mark. I did this before bed and in the morning.

  7. Congratulations!! So exciting!! Thanks so much for sharing this information. Not a mama yet, but this is so helpful! Can’t wait to see this journey unfold for you and Josh!

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  9. Love the blog!! Congratulations to you and Josh! Im excited to follow along as you guys go through this journey!

  10. So Happy for the both of you!! I am expecting baby #3 at 40 years old this June! People say inappropriate things all the time and I nod and smile while thinking it's none of their GD business!! You look great and are doing great!!!

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  15. I couldn’t agree more. I am 4.5 months with our first right now! We’re super excited and loving it all. But people open their mouths and I wonder how they’ve made it this long in life without walking into traffic. I’ve had easily 5 people ask if this was planned or wanted!! Rude much? As if this is early or a surprise after 5 years together. And yes married. Ive had one of 2 people ask if we were going to vaccinate too. *sigh* anyways, congratulations! Ive been following you for yearsss. My husband and I are both in law enforcement and try to stay healthy and fit. I look forward to your blogs Sarah :)

  16. Question: I am looking in to getting your Creatine13, but am not too sure the affects for pregnancy. I cannot find any sound studies about it. Have you heard anything? Would you recommend using this product during pregnancy/breastfeeding? I am planning on asking the doctor too, but was curious what you may have found out in all your Creatine research of uses.

  17. Congrats! We're expecting our first as well and it's been so annoying the amount of people who have asked how long we've been trying... I was also wondering your thoughts on creatine?!

  18. I just found out I am pregnant and stopped with caffeine and pre workout. Any suggestions on a good, baby safe preworkout?

  19. Other than the salmon roe, fermented cod liver oil is another good supplement to take during pregnancy with similar benefits.

    I’ve also read that eating sardines during pregnancy is also good for CNS development. Sardines are at bottom of food chain, so very low in mercury, and very high in the essential fats, such as omega 3 - not heat treated like the supplements, so nutrients stay intact and are extremely bioavailable! Sardines are affordable too. Great mixed with some avocado oil mayo and spread on avocado toast w/ a little sprinkle of feta or goat cheese.

    I have one year left of PTA school then I want to get pregnant! I pray my pregnancy goes as smooth as yours, I will be considered a geriatric mother, thanks for all the fantastic information!

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    Health Is A Life

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