Saturday, May 19, 2018

Protein Bars

Birthday Cake. Cinnamon Roll. Glazed Donut. Smores. Blueberry Muffin. Treats? Nope- protein bar flavors. While these little wrapped bars of promises might sound good, the ugly truth is that many of them are glorified candy bars with a little bit of extra protein mixed in yet they taste like crusty cardboard. We don’t make protein bars. I gain nothing from this blog other than to hopefully shed light on the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding protein bars. 

I have all of the bars linked if you want to purchase them on Amazon

Generic blog PSA: whole good protein is always going to trump protein bars and shakes

Generic self promotion: I would rather drink protein hot chocolate and have a donut (similar macro composition) than eat a protein bar. You can order PHC here:

Protein bars, just like shakes, are a way to SUPPLEMENT more protein into your diet if you are not getting enough through whole foods. They also make a great meal replacement and/or a great alternative to fast food if you are traveling or need an easy grab-and-go protein source if you are out and about and didn’t bring any (or enough) food from home

They serve NO purpose other than to replace a meal. You WILL NOT get fat from protein bars if your total overall caloric intake at the end of the day is less than you are burning

You can also make and prepare a ton of yummy, high protein snacks (that are easy to pack) from my healthy dessert book, available on:

Ok, now that the formalities are out of the way… Let’s dive into the protein bars that I trust and the ones that I would recommend you stay clear of unless the only other option is McDonalds

I trust the following brands because their macros align with the calories they have listed on the bars and because they don’t taste like ass. If you have a bar that you like that I do not mention below- I would recommend checking out my YouTube video: How to Spot Shady Protein Bars because a lot of companies mislead their products to APPEAR to be better for you than they actually are- hello- that’s called sales and marketing in order to sell more product and make more money

Again- if I had a choice- I would rather either drink a PHC shake or make and bring something from home because then you know without a shadow of a doubt that what you are eating is actually what is in the product. I do understand though that that is not always an option… so, enough of my rambling. Here’s my list (also, I am not trying to shame or s**t on any companies out there. If you like their bars, eat them. This is my opinion and my opinion only).

There are literally thousands of protein bars on the market. These are ones that I have personally tried. You can use the YouTube video linked above to check up on protein bars that you have at home or consider purchasing. 

Approved bars have passed the macro/nutritional label test + taste great. 
World’s okayest bars taste good but are slightly off on macros
Avoid bars do not taste good (IMO) and are WAY off on calories

Bowmar Approved Bars:

World’s OKAYEST Bars:
Combat Crunch (off by 40 calories)
FITJOY (tastes ok, off by 25 calories)
Mission Baked Protein Bar (off by 40 calories)
ONE (off by 20 calories)
Muscle Milk Bars (off by 30 calories)
My Bar Pro (off by 30 calories)

Recommend to Avoid (or limit usage):
Quest Bars (off by 55 calories or more depending on flavor)
Lenny and Larrys' (should not even be considered a protein source as it has four times as many carbs as it does protein)

All of this being said- I really like the Quest protein powder (even have a link for it in my dessert book) and Legendary peanut butter (their sister company). I just personally do not like the bars and their total calories are off. As far as Lenny and Larry's- you would be better off to drink PHC and have a snickers for those macros. 

At the end of the day- do what works for you. This blog was simply to give ya'll a list of products and bars that I trust in and taste great. After all- we only get so many calories a day so might as well make sure you enjoy them!