Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Life Update

I haven't posted a life update in awhile simply because life has been extremely busy- in the best way possible. As many of you may know (and some may not), I left my job at a digital marketing agency in March to move down to Columbus to pursue a different marketing position that was offered to me. I had a week break in between my old and my new job and it was in that week that I decided my freedom was way too important. I called the new position off in order to completely focus on my nutrition and network marketing companies. It was the most insane leap of faith I have ever taken in my life and I could honestly not be happier I took it.

April: 2 kentucky turkey hunting trips, ohio turkey hunting, josh's pro show debut in orlando, and prepping for my first show at the beginning of may
May: josh and i both competed in Pittsburgh (I took 4th out of 39 women), bow fishing trips, a hog hunt in southern ohio, and purchased a boat and a truck
June: my best friend got married, 8 day bear hunting trip in canada, and my family came to visit
July: bow fishing trip for the fourth of july, 3 day trip to north carolina for a business event, and in two days we will be leaving for west palm beach for another business meeting

All of these events have been molded around us building up our network marketing business on top of our nutrition business and coaching services.

sorry the update is so short- we are drowning in work and its been a workout to manage everything- not a bad problem to have!!

go the extra mile- it's never crowded