Saturday, March 24, 2018

Protein Powder 101

Protein powder- the most popular and widely known “body builder” supplement on the planet. Hands down. Ever since we launched our protein hot chocolate and how successful it has been (thank y’all), it has opened my eyes to how many confusion there is surrounding protein powder and supplements as a whole.

I do have a “will protein powder make me fat” YouTube video if you would like to watch that, here:

What is protein powder? Protein powder, despite it’s form, is a processed form of protein. This can come in the form of whey, plant, egg, pea, beef, cricket, etc. They are all processed. They are all manufactured. They all share the same function: to aid or “supplement” your diet in getting more protein. 

Whole food will ALWAYS be best. ALWAYS. If you are getting enough protein in your diet through whole food- stick to that. You don’t need protein powder. However, for most of us, consuming that much protein in the form of whole foods is not convenient nor is it cost effective, especially if you are spacing your daily meals into 5-6 meals per day. 

Josh and I consume 5-6 meals a day and we eat 3 and drink 2-3 (in the form of our protein hot chocolate). Protein powder can, and usually is, used as a meal replacement. It’s most “popular” form of us is post workout- which, again, is probably just replacing a meal in which you would otherwise be consuming protein in a whole foods form- but who wants to bring a pack of tuna or 6oz of ground turkey to the gym? Not many people. Which is where the allure of protein powder comes into play. 

Protein powder will NOT make you fat. Protein powder will NOT make you bulky. At the end of the day, if you are consuming less calories than you burn- you won’t gain any fat. Or bulk. Or whatever anyone is afraid of. 

That all being said- not all protein powders are created equal. Protein is really, really expensive to make. A lot of supplement companies cut corners and use low quality protein to increase their profit margins. This is where you get the bloating, gas, etc that is generally associated with protein powder supplements. I can’t speak for any other company other than our own but it took us almost 2 years to formulate protein hot chocolate because we needed such a high quality protein powder to withstand adding it to hot liquids. You can read all of our 250+ 5 star reviews here:

This is NOT a sales pitch on our own product- even though we would love if you tried it. I just know how much work, effort, and research went into our product and I am not sure other companies can say the same. I have tried dozens and dozens of protein powder. They ALL make me feel bloated and gassy after- except ours. Just please know that all products are not the same and you should be careful what you are putting in your body. 

Also, I mentioned cost efficiency when it comes to protein powder. Our product is $65 for 82 servings- this equates to roughly 76 cents per scoop aka per meal. That’s a really inexpensive meal if you ask me! Especially one that is so high in protein! 


  1. Loving the protein powered! I made the no bake cookies and put in the freezer but they were still gooey �� dont get me wrong, they were still yummy just wondering if I done something wrong or is that the consistency of them?!?

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