Sunday, January 19, 2020

Pregnancy Diet

I know that the questions will start rolling in about the diet I am doing during my pregnancy. Everyone is different- especially when expecting. I highly recommend hiring a coach that is certified to write and instruct you on a pregnancy meal plan. Below you will find some examples of meals I had during different trimesters (this blog will also be updated frequently).

I am a creature of habit and it's much easier for me to make the same meals for 3-5 days in a row and then switch everything up entirely

Weeks 1-8:
My diet did not really change during the first few weeks + we had a ton of holidays and events to attend. As cliche as it is- my true meal plan started on January 1

Week 9-12:
Breakfast: Fried eggs with a smoothie: fruit and collagen (kale, banana, blueberries, dates, collagen, almond milk, ice)
Lunch: Salmon, buttered carrots, kimchi (three times a week)
Other lunch: ground venison, spanish rice, guacamole, and taco sauce
Dinner: Venison, green beans, wild rice
Other dinner: venison chili (makes the best leftovers)
Snacks: Mixed berries with cool whip, plantain chips, cashews, yogurt with granola, cottage cheese
Others: bone broth and supplements (linked and listed on my initial pregnancy blog)


  1. Thank you for listing out the meals like you did. As I said I'm 15 weeks and it's been a rough ride for me with gym restrictions, nausea and vomiting, pinched nerve in my back, and serious abdomen pain. So food is so important right now for me and my main focus until I can get approved to be back in the gym. I love how this is listed out! Thank you for being so aware of your readers and the knowledge they can gain from you during this wonderful journey your on :) and congrats again!

  2. I saw on your insta that you used your stim free pre workout during pregnancy. I just want to double check that it’s okay, or at least get your opinion on both the stim free preworkout and Amino acids during pregnancy since they both say to avoid use on the nutrition label.

    New mom who’s over analyzing everything I put into my body.


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