Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Updated Diet Blog

A blog I have been wanting to write for months yet simultaneously avoiding for months- my diet update. I actually hate the word diet- I prefer eating habits, eating preferences, meal plan, nutritional plan, etc

Before I start this- formalities are needed: this style of eating may work for you, it may not. Please do not blindly copy what I do just because I do it. Listen to your body. If you find it’s causing an unhealthy relationship with food- stop doing it. Do your research before starting it- don’t just take my word for it.

Ok, here we go. Josh has been begging me for years to try low carb. I refused. I didn’t want to fear carbs. I wasn’t in a place, mentally, to give up such a large part of my diet. I was afraid I would become obsessive. I was afraid it was all I would crave. I was afraid of having an unhealthy relationship with food. So I avoided it. Until this year. I finally am in a place where I have a very solid relationship with food and I decided to give it a try for two weeks. 

January 1- that’s what I did. We had left our week long family trip at Disney World and I decided to go all in. I don’t like to call my eating style “keto” because I eat too much protein and not enough fat for “keto”. I also don’t like to call what I do “low carb” as that is an unhealthy way to look at it- I call it high fat / high protein- helps me form my eating habits into a more positive light.

Are carbs bad? Nope. Will they make you fat? Nope. The only way to gain fat is to eat in a calorie surplus- ie: more than you burn. What will limiting your carbs do? I can’t guarantee what it will do for you but I can tell you what it did for me:

After two weeks, my joints felt better, inflammation in my body had decreased, my cravings decreased to almost nothing, and I was losing body fat while maintaining my muscle mass. My overall calories did not change while starting this style of eating. I repeat- MY CALORIES DID NOT CHANGE. 

I am still doing this “diet” 90% of the time. It does make going out to eat much more difficult (which, let’s be honest- is a huge money savor). I will still eat the occasional dessert or high carb meal when we travel but for the most part, I am sticking to the high fat / high protein style of dieting. I feel better and I feel like I look better than I ever have. I am almost heavier than I have ever been and I LOVE IT. 

When I consume carbs now- I can tell my body becomes extremely inflamed (which is normal due to the amount of water the glycogen and carbs in your body need). I feel foggy and lethargic. Will this happen to you? Maybe, maybe not. We also had blood work done in February that deemed us both carb sensitive. Are you carb sensitive? Maybe, maybe not. Only blood work can determine that. 

This post is in no way meant to make you fear carbs. I don’t. I simply love the way my body feels on my high fat / high protein diet!

I highly suggest listening to podcasts from Ben Greenfield and watching Thomas Delauer on YouTube if you want to really dive in to the style of eating. For now- this is what I will continue to do. Doesn’t mean I will do it forever but that’s why they call it body building! 


  1. I’ve been wanting to try this myself but How do you adjust your macros in order to make the switch to high protein/high fat?

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  2. Can you give an example of what your meals look like for the day?
    How did you calculate the macros? What percentage fat/protein and since you say “low carb” the percentage of carbs?

  3. I had the same question as the previous commenter. I was also curious as to how/if going low carb affected the way you felt during workouts- did you feel low on energy at all? You mentioned that you lost fat but maintained muscle mass. Most of what I've read says higher carbs helps with gaining muscle (assuming workouts are on point). Is it still possible to gain lean muscle on a low carb regiment? Thanks!!

  4. I’ve been on the same “diet” for the past two and a half weeks and I feel like a different person. My calories haven’t changed yet I’ve dropped 12 lb effortlessly. I don’t strict track but I stay within about 200 calories every day roughly. I have energy with no ups and downs. I have little to no cravings. I never had a dr or blood test tell me that I’m carb sensitive but I’ve come to believe over time that I absolutely am. What test do you ask for to determine that?

  5. What is the blood test you are referring to to determine if you are carb sensitive? I am very interested in this.

  6. I have also tried this way of eating and it makes me feel fantastic. No more inflammed joints. I have found, for me, I cannot seem to lift at all, I have so much energy until it comes time for the gym. Did you have this problem and if so did it get better?

    1. Same thing happened to me. I just could not lift! I was devastated. I had to get off keto. I may have to give it a second try.

  7. Clearly it doesn’t as she posts her weight training workouts almost daily, but I bet the pre workout helps her get through it

  8. Can I ask what your macro percentages are now that you’ve decreased your carbs & increased fat/protein?

  9. I’ve tried this as welll and my body responded wonderfully to it. When I would eat carbs my body would bloat and I would feel very very uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing Sarah!!

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  13. Would you mind sharing the macros?

  14. Question: You've recently talked about IF, are you still doing that? I am and I honestly LOVE it! I do 18/6 And one meal a day on my cheat day. I listen to Ben and Thomas, they both have said it isn't a great idea for lean women, I'm not near as lean (25% bf) as you. But I love IF so much, I also value your opinion so I would love your input on this.

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