Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I have a lot of women ask me how my makeup stays fresh, even with an active lifestyle in the gym and outdoors! Here are my tips and my favorite products that I use:

Tip 1: Get your eyebrows microbladed. Unless you are Jaclyn Hill and can perfect your eyebrows every single day- invest the $500 and get it done by a medical aesthetician! No more drippy eyebrows. No more waking up like naked mole rat. I went to CAPS in Columbus (in Easton). Let them know I sent ya over if you go see my girl! I also have my top and bottom eyeliner done as well!

Tip 2: A good spray tan will eliminate the need for a ton of product on your face. I swear by Rossa Self Tanning . It's organic and completely safe to use on your face. You can use my code "bowmarfitness" to save 15%

Tip 3: A solid skin care regiment will also eliminate a ton of concealer- the prettier your skin is underneath your makeup, the less you have to wear! Read this blog of mine on my clear skin tips

Tip 4: Invest in high quality makeup (cruelty free, of course). Below, you will find what I use:
Foundation Brush
Concealer (hardly ever use)
Setting Powder (I only wear this on meetings/date night/events)

Tip 5: You don't have to wear makeup every single day- I sure don't! I like to let my face breathe from time to time!