Monday, February 29, 2016

New Meal Plan System

Our new meal plan system is now available for purchase!!!!!!! 
A customized meal plan based on weight, body fat, activity, and goals (that you can edit yourself when your weight/body fat/activity changes) that will atomically update itself to include new portions and macros to hit based on your goals. This meal plan doesn't just include macros. It includes a responsive meal plan inclusive of foods and portions that are geared towards the specific stats that you enter
A build your own meal plan option
Measurement spreadsheet for recording progress
15 Minute How To Video (basically us telling you how to edit/get the most out of your meal plan
10 Minute How To Track Macros Using MyFitnessPal Video
20 Minute How To Meal Prep Video (I take you through my own personal meal prep plus tips and tricks so that it doesn't take all day)
12 Minute Hidden Calories Video (josh takes you through common pitfalls and mistakes that dieters make)
Supplement discounts
Isolator Fitness discounts
50% off membership website coupon
Two ways to purchase:
Members: log in to your membership on and purchase the one time meal plan ($50)
The button above/below this caption to purchase the meal plan (one time fee of $100)

Once you have purchased the plan, please email (females) and (males). Let us know if you are looking to cut, bulk, or maintain! 
We are also offering this FOR FREE to current/past clients. Simply respond to the last email communication that you and I had and let me know if you want to cut, maintain, or bulk! This includes EVERYONE who has ever used our meal plans (including challenge participants as well). We value loyalty :) 


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  2. I am looking to become more educated in fitness and nutrition and maybe become certified as well. I was looking through your early instagram posts and all of your progress which gave me a lot of motivation. I was wondering if you have any recommendations as for how to get started since you've been through a lot in your journey im sure. Maybe with some trusted names... I know you posted that you got yours from issa?

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