Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Dark Side of Fitness and Marketing

I open myself up to be available for my followers/fans/supporters/friends/anyone and it allows me to get a really good understanding of how MESSED up the fitness industry is when it comes to marketing. I truly and honestly feel bad for people because of how much contradicting information is thrown at them each day. I'm sure you all can agree. How many times have you seen "Top 10 Exercises To Lose Fat" or "Eat This To Lose Weight" or "Drink This Protein Powder To Lose 5 Pounds"

News flash: there is no magic workout, there is no magic food, and there is no magic powder.

Here are some VERY common questions I get asked and my honest/non sugar coated answers:

1: Will this exercise help me lose fat?
In short- no. In long- yes. Ok, YOU DON'T GET TO PICK WHERE THE FAT GOES ON AND YOU DON'T GET TO PICK WHERE IT COMES OFF. If you want to lose fat in an area on your body, you can't spot reduce with diet. LET ME REPEAT THAT- YOU CANT SPOT REDUCE WITH DIET. If you want to lose weight on your arms, there's not an exercise in the world that will help you with that. Side note- having more muscle will help you burn more calories per day but that doesn't mean having larger biceps will burn fat on your arms.

2: What foods should I avoid if I want to lose weight?
There are healthy and non healthy foods. Ok, we all understand that. But it's not WHAT should you eat, it's HOW MUCH should you eat. I could write you a plan right now to lose weight on twinkies. Not the healthiest thing in the world but it's all about calories in versus calories out. Don't fall victim to thinking that eating 3 tablespoons of peanut butter at midnight will help you lose weight because you saw that on an instagram ad. If you are under your calories and you eat the peanut butter and you're still under your calories, then you will lose weight- make sense?

3: What protein powder should I drink to lose weight?
My initial reaction to this is: WTF?
My second reaction to this is: Oh my god I hate marketing and supplements and social media and print media. I HATE IT. Why? Because it's confusing and overwhelming to the average consumer- AND I HAD MY MBA IN MARKETING AND OWN A SUPPLEMENT COMPANY!!! Believe me when I say, I KNOW what these companies do to reel you in. So don't fall victim to it. Protein powder is nothing more than a way to supplement more protein in to your diet. That's it. Stick to whole foods if you can. There is not a protein powder on this earth that will help you lose weight if you are already eating too many calories as it is- see question 2.

4: When should I eat what foods and what should I eat pre/post/intra workout?
Ok... Unless you are an olympian- eating pre and post workout meals isn't complicated. If you are on a meal plan, eat 1 hour before you workout and eat 30 min after working out. Just follow your plan and eat the next thing on the list. Protein post workout (powder or whole foods) is always ideal. There is not a science behind certain % of carbs, fats, and proteins to eat pre and post workout for the average person- trust me- eat 1 hour beforehand and 30 min after and you will be fine.

5: How do you control cravings?
To be honest, if you give in to cravings- you're weak minded. And you lack discipline. And your goal isn't strong enough. I told you these answers weren't going to be pretty. If someone put donuts in front of me right now (my favorite food), I would not touch one- why? Because I HAVE GOALS THAT ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FIFTEEN SECONDS OF DONUT. Get it? We are creatures of habit. So if you know you crave something, don't keep it in the house. Don't buy what you crave. Out of sight, out of mind. Does that mean I don't get cravings? OF COURSE I GET CRAVINGS- I just don't give in to them. Taking shots of apple cider vinegar with mother helps with curbing cravings too.

Ok, so in short...
1- if you want to lose weight, eat less than you burn
2- if you want to gain weight, eat more than you burn
3- if you want to stay the same weight, eat what you burn
4- there's no exercise or diet that will spot reduce fat
5- there's no food that will make you gain or lose weight- only QUANTITIES of that food can dictate that
6- protein powders are just a way to get more protein in your diet
7- eat 1 hour pre workout and 30 min post workout
8- don't give in to cravings. don't keep what you crave in the house.

I hope this helped- if you have more questions, comment below and I can write a follow up to this blog


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  2. Thanks for this, Sarah! In terms of pre/post/intra workout, what are your thoughts on bcaa's?

  3. Sarah,
    Thank you for taking the time to write this for the public. This segment is important and informative. I have found myself in situations where I get reeled in my supplement companies. I want to support a brand or company and I have to buy all this crap and sell it to 100 ppl beforeally I can be apart of a team. The fitness industry via social media seems corrupt which is sad to say..

  4. For me, fitness is having a healthy mind and body.

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