Monday, April 6, 2015

Fit v Healthy: BioPhotonic Scanner

A lot of people assume that simply because someone is fit, they are healthy- and vise versa- if someone is not fit, they are not healthy. This could not be further from the truth. A LOT of "fit" people are extremely unhealthy due to this demanding lifestyle and only putting supplements in their bodies to fuel their muscles instead of looking at the bigger picture and eating to fuel their body, organs, internal functional systems, etc.

Josh and I invest into our bodies and the results speak for themselves. Do we take products specifically for strength and muscle growth/repair? Yes- that's our natural science creation line:

However, for the rest of our body, we need to supplement to aid in the gaps that our diet is lacking in compared to what our body actually needs.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to supplements- supplements are not a bad thing at all. Many of us live in areas where we can't grow our own veggies or raise our own animals for meat so we have to resort to the stores (which aren't the most ethical when it comes to GMOs, hormones, etc, etc). The "food" we are buying is so laced with chemicals and additives that it makes you question if you are absorbing more chemicals or nutrients. 

The supplement industry is also a shady MF too. If a company has a large social media following, they could be selling turds wrapped in a pretty wrapper and everyone will buy and try because their "idols" are being paid to promote products. I get it- trust me, we are all jaded from investing hundreds or thousands into products that don't work or don't give us the results that we want. This is why researching the results and reviews on companies and products is vital prior to purchasing. 

Which brings me to the scanner- if we can't eat the food we should and if the supplement company is shady, how do we get what we need if we can't get it from food and if we don't know if the supplements we are taking actually work?

The BioPhotonic scanner from Pharmanex is the only one like it in the world with a ton of patents and patents pending. The scanner details can be found below:

Once you have received your scan score- what does it mean? The scale is from 0 - 50,000 and you can score higher than the 50,000 (I scored 76,000 this morning and Josh scored 77,000). By scanning, you will be aware of the antioxidant levels in your body and you will know what you need to do with your own diet and supplement schedule to increase your scan score.

What products actually work? Great questions. There are many different products that are scanner certified aka if you scan, take the products, and your score doesn't improve- you get your money back. Here's a list of scanner certified products from Pharmanex: 

Need more proof? Here's a clip from Dr. Oz when he featured the scanner on his show:

Next steps:
1- get scanned! If you live in columbus, we can schedule a time and you can use our scanner! email: If you don't live in columbus, locate a scanner operator here:
2- once you are scanned, use our sponsoring ID to order products ID: US00410353
3- if you simply want to order products, shoot me an email and i can give you access to wholesale pricing too!