Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sarah Bowmar Online Coaching Rates- Spots Available!

Below please find my current online coaching offerings. I am ISSA certified in fitness nutrition, have helped over 1,500 clients achieve their goals, and will even give you full access to me once you are a client. Too many "insta-trainers" take your money and never talk to you again once they send you their generic meal plan. I am far from those other coaches. Give me the honor of being your coach! Check out some client transformations below.

Online Coaching
1 Month Plan: $200 meal plan tailored to your specific goals. Each day consists of 18 different meal options plus coaching (meal timing questions, supplement help, etc). A lifting program with workouts (inclusive of exercise, reps, and sets per day) with videos of each exercise. A HIIT cardio program is also provided.

2 Month Plan: $350 with an updated meal plan when your goal weight has been hit (inclusive of the details above in the 1 Month Plan)

6 Month Plan: $400 with updated meal plans when your goal weight has been hit (inclusive of the details above in the 1 Month Plan)

Meal Plan ONLY: $90- six week plan (meal plan tailored to your specific goals. Each day consists of 18 different meal options plus coaching (meal timing questions, supplement help, etc).

I can do a payment plan for the 2 and 6 Month plan (if you need a payment plan, please email me and I will send you 2 equal invoices. The entire plan will be sent to you once both payments have been made).

EACH OPTION includes check ins every 2 weeks, unlimited coaching access to me, wholesale pricing on supplements, and unlimited support.

Next Steps:
Purchase the option you desire. Once payment has been made, email me the following (
Food allergies
Body Fat percentage (if known)
Goal (fat loss, muscle gain, or both)
Option purchased
Who referred you/how did you hear about my program

I can construct vegan/vegetarian meal plans.
A gym is not required but you will need at least dumbbells at home. Please denote this.
You need to be at least 18 years old.
Anyone around the world can participate as this is online training only.
All prices are the ONLY thing you will pay, the prices listed above are not monthly or entry fees or anything- it's the total price of the package (minus supplements but those are never required).
All sales are final. Once you purchase this plan and send your stats, I begin your program. As time is invested on the front end, no refunds will be provided.
Alterations to diet and workout plans will be made as necessary throughout the course of working together.
THIS IS NOT competition prep pricing- if you need contest prep info, please email me directly

Online Coaching

Recent Client Testimonials:

Monday, April 6, 2015

Fit v Healthy: BioPhotonic Scanner

A lot of people assume that simply because someone is fit, they are healthy- and vise versa- if someone is not fit, they are not healthy. This could not be further from the truth. A LOT of "fit" people are extremely unhealthy due to this demanding lifestyle and only putting supplements in their bodies to fuel their muscles instead of looking at the bigger picture and eating to fuel their body, organs, internal functional systems, etc.

Josh and I invest into our bodies and the results speak for themselves. Do we take products specifically for strength and muscle growth/repair? Yes- that's our natural science creation line:

However, for the rest of our body, we need to supplement to aid in the gaps that our diet is lacking in compared to what our body actually needs.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to supplements- supplements are not a bad thing at all. Many of us live in areas where we can't grow our own veggies or raise our own animals for meat so we have to resort to the stores (which aren't the most ethical when it comes to GMOs, hormones, etc, etc). The "food" we are buying is so laced with chemicals and additives that it makes you question if you are absorbing more chemicals or nutrients. 

The supplement industry is also a shady MF too. If a company has a large social media following, they could be selling turds wrapped in a pretty wrapper and everyone will buy and try because their "idols" are being paid to promote products. I get it- trust me, we are all jaded from investing hundreds or thousands into products that don't work or don't give us the results that we want. This is why researching the results and reviews on companies and products is vital prior to purchasing. 

Which brings me to the scanner- if we can't eat the food we should and if the supplement company is shady, how do we get what we need if we can't get it from food and if we don't know if the supplements we are taking actually work?

The BioPhotonic scanner from Pharmanex is the only one like it in the world with a ton of patents and patents pending. The scanner details can be found below:

Once you have received your scan score- what does it mean? The scale is from 0 - 50,000 and you can score higher than the 50,000 (I scored 76,000 this morning and Josh scored 77,000). By scanning, you will be aware of the antioxidant levels in your body and you will know what you need to do with your own diet and supplement schedule to increase your scan score.

What products actually work? Great questions. There are many different products that are scanner certified aka if you scan, take the products, and your score doesn't improve- you get your money back. Here's a list of scanner certified products from Pharmanex: 

Need more proof? Here's a clip from Dr. Oz when he featured the scanner on his show:

Next steps:
1- get scanned! If you live in columbus, we can schedule a time and you can use our scanner! email: If you don't live in columbus, locate a scanner operator here:
2- once you are scanned, use our sponsoring ID to order products ID: US00410353
3- if you simply want to order products, shoot me an email and i can give you access to wholesale pricing too!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

March Challenge Finalists and Reviews

Ok, so this was the hardest challenge to pick a winner yet! The winner has been posted on my instagram but here were all the ladies that tied for second along with their own testimonials!

Name: Amanda
Here are my side by side, before/after pics for the March Challenge. I have lost 8 inches overall and my clothes fit so much better! I was challenged by the increase from my normal 3 days a week workouts to 6 days but love how much stronger I feel. I work night shifts as a nurse and it gets challenging to eat healthy and get my workouts in, but I can certainly see the results! I ordered the Insuload supplement, so I can't wait to see the increase in strength that I have using that with my workouts. I also plan on ordering Natural Strength. I would love to continue using you as a coach. Thanks for everything! You are truly genuine and knowledgeable in the fitness industry and stand out!

30 Day Transformation:

Name: Jamie
Testimonial: I just completed the March challenge and lost about 5 pounds and my waist decreased .75 inches. Although my numbers and inches have not changed drastically, I do feel that I am gaining definition. I want to thank you for this challenge. I am happy with myself knowing that I stuck to every workout, every rep, every cardio session, and the diet without cheating. If I have learned anything, it is that my will power to improve myself is only growing stronger. I believe that this challenge has brought me more self-worth and a realize Asian that continuing to improve myself will only make me stronger both physically and mentally. Again, thank you for your help and I look forward to continuing to challenge myself everyday to be a better me.
30 Day Transformation:

Name: Emily
Here it is! My 1 month transformation.
This experience has been extremely positive not only have I made progress aesthetically but my confidence has been through the roof. I'm stronger, I make better decisions, my skin is clearer!. The meal prep was a breeze.I'm am going to keep on the plan until I hit my goal then I'm coming back for a new plan to get shredded. I'm so grateful for your plan Sarah. The results of the carbon cycling versus counting macros is day and night. The progress was almost immediate. Here I come summer!
30 Day Transformation:

Name: Shelby
Hey!! I'm so excited to show you my results!! In my before collage I started out weighing 128.6 pounds. My measurements were: shoulders-38 inches chest-36 inches waist-27 inches hips-35 inches quads-21 inches and calves-12 inches. After the challenge my weight is 124 pounds!! My current measurements are: shoulders-39 inches chest-35 inches waist-26 inches hips-34 inches quads-22 inches and calves-13 inches!!!
I've always had really small calves and legs, so my ultimate goal was to gain muscle in those areas. Not to mention my glutes. I'm so happy to see them starting to round out. Next goal is to get that Beyoncé booty!

I want to thank you so much for being so open to answer any questions I had no matter how petty they may seem to you. I honesty never realized how much my life revolved around food until I started your meal and workout plan. I work at Dominos full time, but I stayed on track and brought a stack of Tupperware containers every damn day and even set an alarm on my phone to make sure I ate according to your plan! I've always been really active, but it's really true when they say nutrition plays a key aspect because as soon as I started eating healthily and by your guidance I was able to see results quicker than I ever would have done on my own. I now know that this isn't just a workout challenge for me but is most definitely a lifestyle change for the better. I'm definitely convinced you're the coach for me, and I would love to reach out to you and look into competing at some point! I would really love to win this challenge because having a meal prep bag would make it so much easier to bring my food with me to work and school since I do both full time! And an opportunity to try the supplements that have helped you gain results would be incredible. Thank you so much Sarah! Now I just need a booty like yours!
30 Day Transformation:

Name: Alicia
I wanted to send in my updates today as tomorrow I will be on a plane to Florida for my two week vacation. I will say that my pictures do not convey really the progress I have made - I think my measurements speak more to my progress! I think the hardest part is how to put into words what this challenge has done for me. When I went into this, I wanted to make a goal to try to look my best in one month for my vacation as I will be seeing people I have not seen in 10 years. I also wanted to finish what I started for once and see this through. It always seemed like I would have a habit of starting things strong and quitting after a few days or a week. I wanted to show myself that I could do anything I really put myself into. I felt great but there were times when I would be discouraged looking on instagram and seeing the other participants and how they looked like they were having an easy time or seeing such great results. I just reminded myself that I am not them and my journey is not the same and then I would remember the quote from your initial email, "Go the extra mile - it's never crowded." I pushed myself everyday in the gym and stuck to my plan and surprised everyone with my determination to succeed. Every time I went on instagram after that, I would see how the other participants were dropping out and it drove me more to do what they couldn't. I wanted to succeed where others found it difficult. My boyfriend had even decided to give me another goal by promising to buy me a Victoria Secret bikini for the beach if I stuck to my meal plan and gym plan 100%. I did! I can't even explain how happy I was to try on a bikini in that dressing room and feel happy with the person that I saw. I am excited to wear a bikini on the beach for the first time since middle school and to show the body I worked hard and am working hard still for. I can't thank you enough for supplying me with what I needed to push myself to achieve this and I am even considering pushing myself harder and possibly competing someday, now that I proved to myself I can do anything. I could go on forever telling you about the things this challenge has provided me but I know that it definitely gave me the jumpstart I needed on my journey in fitness and in life. Thank you Sarah!

Thank you for everything!
Alicia McMahon

BF% - 31%
Weight - 170
Shoulders - 18
Chest - 35 1/2
Waist - 33 1/2
Hips - 40 1/2
Quads - 25 1/4
Calves -15

Weight - 162.4
BF% - 24.8%
Shoulders - 16
Chest - 35
Waist - 29 1/2
Hips - 39 1/2
Quads - 24
Calves - 14 1/2
30 Day Transformation: