Friday, February 27, 2015

Fitness/Health Travel Guide- Order Now!

Traveling can be extremely taxing on our body! But it shouldn't hinder your progress!

This 16 page travel package includes:

Travel Prep Tips
Know Before You Go
Traveling Essentials Guide
How To Prep Food
TSA Approved/Not Approved Guide
Travel Supplement Guide
How To Eat At Restaurants
Hotel Buffet Tips
Hotel Gym Workout Routines
Hotel Room Workout Routines (without weights)
Hotel Cardio Routines
And Lots More Tips!!!

This guide is VITAL to travel. After our wedding, we went on an 8 day cruise and then traveled to Texas, San Diego, and Utah all within a month and I did not gain a single pound or percent of body fat.

Cost: $80

Once you order via the paypal button below, please send an email to with your paypal reference number.


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