Friday, April 25, 2014

Reasons You Aren't Succeeding. Spoiler Alert- It's Not Your Coach's Fault

I have been getting EXTREMELY annoyed lately with the constant "I'm not seeing the results I want" emails followed with "I'm not committed to my plan 100% but I'm trying".

That's bullshit. Sorry but this blog post won't have anything sugar coated in it because honestly, you would probably eat that too.

If you have hired someone to help you through your fitness, or any goals for that matter, you should probably listen to them since what you've been doing clearly hasn't yielded the results you want.

Here are some reasons you probably aren't succeeding:

1- you're not pushing yourself at the gym
2- you're not committed to your diet
3- you're having a ton of cheat meals a week
4- you're not following your meal plan to a T
5- you're not sleeping enough
6- you're not drinking enough water
7- you're drinking something other than water or unsweetened green tea
8- you're eating fruit- young grasshoppers, that will be the next blog post so keep your panties on
9- you're playing the pity party game for yourself
10- you're making excuses i.e.: i travel for work, i'm a mom, etc (news flash, i'm writing this blog post in the car while J drives through the mountains of kentucky while we are turkey hunting. so no, you don't have an excuse to not put in the work).
11- you're not measuring your food. a TBSP of peanut butter is really fucking small and pathetic when you actually measure it
12- you're adding things to your plan that aren't on your plan, i.e.: adding a little sour cream to your fish or adding a few handful of nuts here and there to snack on
14- you're not lifting heavy enough. you should be lifting heavy enough to finish your reps but STRUGGLE to finish the last 20%
15- you're lifting with improper form
16- you're not committed to your diet
17- you're not meal prepping
18- you're not committed to your diet- yes i've typed that three times. hoping to smack some people in the face
19- you're not taking your supplements
20- you're taking generic shitty supplements and not following the supplement plan your coach provided because you wanted to be cheap. guess what- your body isn't something to be careless about. pay the extra money

$150 to the first troll to comment on my Instagram page to tell me i missed a #13


  1. I've been on a meal plan that I got not too long ago, I've seen some results but not a ton (I know this takes time). But I'm also extremely hypoglycemic to the point of passing out. So when I feel light headed I've eaten a piece of fruit to keep me from passing out. Can you explain to me why fruit is so bad for you? Thanks

  2. Your comments are a good smack in the face. All are true excuses to why i personally have not gotten evdn close to where i want to be. I love people who are blunt straight forward!!!!

  3. HA! I Love this post! So True! I need to get my shit together!

  4. Hahaha well there you go. I'm not where I want to be and for just about all of the reasons above I'm not getting my results. Thanks for the kick in the ass!

  5. Nicely said, girl!!! (My body can tolerate fruit though & it actually keeps me from craving sweets, but I'm not hating or trying to argue, everybody is unique & you just have to find what works for you). P.S. You're such an inspiration to me!!! Your video posts have given me new ideas to add to my routine; thank you sooooo much!!! :)

  6. #13 says, "you're not committed to your diet."
    No really, I see it. ; )

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