Thursday, March 13, 2014

Make Your Body More Alkaline

So, we all know that the best tasting food is the most fattening, most artery clogging, sweetest and/or saltiest.  Yes you need a weekly treat meal but what about the other 96% of the time? Eat as wholesome as you can. It seems simple but what do these ratchet foods truly do to our body?

I guarantee that unless Tony Robbins is ready this- every single person reading this (myself included) has an acid/alkaline imbalance. Over acidity in the body can weaken all body systems and is VERY common today. If you are too acidic, your body will literally become an internal environment conducive to disease. Additionally, the following can occur in an acidic body: weight gain, obesity, immune deficiency, premature aging, brittle bones, joint pain, low energy, chronic fatigue, slow digestion, and diabetes.

Even if you are taking a lot of vitamins, your body may not be absorbing the minerals due to high acid levels.

There are a million and a half green powders, the best in my opinion is:


  1. I have always wondered about the green powders - how does this taste?

  2. so, do green powders will help our bodies be less acidic?

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