Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

While being a dairy-free vegetarian, I feel that every day is Earth Day, however, today I felt that I could express my views a little more than normal and no one could get mad!

The day started off with 45 minutes of HIIT cardio, followed by a blue goddess smoothie. Lunch consisted of quinoa, black beans, and corn. Snacks were veggies. Dinner will be boca stuffed mushroom caps, asparagus, carrots and hummus, and a vegan cookie dough blizzard for dessert (recipe and pictures will be in sep. post).

It was also a beautiful 61 degrees today in Toledo, OH and you best believe I took full advantage of it and went walking outside (my all time favorite form of exercise). Captured some very beautiful images on the way.

Love you mamma earth!!!

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