Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fit Girl Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season! I have always loved gift guides and thought it would be a fun idea to put together a fit girls guide! This will help pick gifts for the fit girl in your life or even give you ideas on things to ask for if you yourself are a fit girl!

Let's get started! I have broken it down to supplements, clothes, shoes, and misc items like skin care and gym bag goodies!

The obvious gift to win anyone over is clearly anything from and You will win your fit girl over and be the talk of the town for the entire year!

Crop tops
Balance Crops, Leggings, and Sweatshirts
Alo Leggings

Adidas Ultra Boost
Adidas Swift
Adidas Edge Lux
Adidas Cloudfoam

Misc Items
Gym Bag
Resistance Bands
Healthy Recipe Books
Wireless Headphones
Blender Bottles
Face Wipes
Mini Foam Roller
Custom Water Bottle
Self Tanner (code BOWMARFITNESS to save $)
Headbands (code BOWMAR to save $)
Lil Buff Cake Mixes (code BOWMARFITNESS to save $)


  1. All the things a fit girl wants! Time to direct my husband to your blog ����

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