Monday, January 15, 2018

What Do I Think of Intermittent Fasting

It seems like every year there is some new diet craze that hits mainstream and every single year I roll my eyes so much it could be counted as cardio. Until, IF (intermittent fasting) came long. Let's take a walk, shall we...

If you are trying to lose weight, you need to be eating less than you burn. No matter how you slice it- that's science and that's how it works. Whether you are eating 6 small meals a day or 2 large meals a day- your total calories at the end of the day will determine if you lose, maintain, or gain weight.

Now that we all agree on that- what is IF?

IF is compromised of a fasting window and feeding window during your day. The most common fast is 16 hours and an 8 hour feeding window. This is extremely easy to do especially considering most people don't eat right before they go to bed. So let's say you stop eating at 8pm, you go to sleep at 10pm, you wouldn't eat again until 2pm.

Who should IF?

I personally believe that IF is beneficial for anyone looking to lose or maintain their weight, someone with a crazy work/sleep schedule, someone who doesn't like breakfast, someone who doesn't want to eat right away, someone who likes having large meals instead of small ones, etc. IF IS NOT FOR people looking to gain muscle. I personally don't believe that your body can consume and process all of the necessary protein for those looking to gain in 2-3 large meals.

When Josh and I travel- we often practice IF. It's not something that you have to commit the rest of your life to- you can do it a few times a week if you want because AT THE END OF THE DAY- it's about calories in vs calories out. IF while traveling is great because you are usually awake at ungodly hours to catch a flight and it's just way easier for us if we fast until we hit the 16 hour mark.

Your meals should still be healthy meals- don't pig out to break your fast because at the end of the day- its about calories in vs calories out (I know, I am a broken record- really trying to hammer a point here)

I hope this cleared some things up about IF! I truly believe in it for the goals and for the people listed above. If that's you- give it a try! You might be surprised.

Some things to note- there are some sneaky things that have calories in them (coffee creamer, powdered water enhancers, etc). Consuming calories of any kind will break your fast and you will defeat the entire purpose of IF (and become ridiculously hungry). Stick to water and black coffee only during your fast (I don't even do coffee, just water)


  1. Thanks for this blog post!! My husband actually lost ~50 pounds doing 24 hour IF twice a week! I was wondering though, what do you think about chewing gum during the fast? I know it has less than 5 calories a stick but is that enough to break a fast?

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  4. I’ve been intermittent fasting for a while now I pick two days out of the week and sometimes more where I fast, however my fat loss has hit a stump. I have been training regularly and consistently with a set plan for each day, a stable nutrition and typically hit my calories for a bout a year. However I can’t seem to shred the extra layer of fat I have covering the muscle I built throughout this time I’ve looked somewhat the same for about a year, I can’t figure out what to change. Eat less eat more? Add longer cardio before/after my workouts or just be patient. But a year seems a lot to me to not see that drastic change of fat loss most people seem to get. Does my body just function that much slower?

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