Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Uh Oh- Your Friends and Family Don't Understand...

We have all been there, rest assured. When I started my fitness journey, it was like my friends and family didn't want me to succeed. Or they didn't understand. Or both. Either way, constantly hearing "you're so thin why are you working out" or "too much water will kill you" or "one cookie won't make a difference". Believe me when I say,  I have heard it all. Most of the time, many people just don't understand. And that's ok. But that doesn't make it hurt any less when people bash your new lifestyle.

There's a few things that I have learned that work over the years...

Many of you know that I don't drink alcohol. If someone asks us to go out, we simply order water on the rocks! If someone gives you a hard time- tell them you are allergic to alcohol. Or tell them you aren't interested in driving drunk. Or tell them that you are such a BA sober that you don't need to alcohol to make you have a good time.

Going out with friends? Don't make it a daily occurrence but you don't have to avoid it either. Just order anything that has a mother, comes from the ground, and can be washed. Drink water. Avoid the bread. Get your salad dressing on the side. It's not difficult to construct a healthy meal at a restaurant.

Friends, family, coworkers giving you a hard time? Simply look them in the eyes and tell them that you are doing this for you and they need to love you enough to support you. Only listen to people who have what you want. If your poor friend is telling you how to be a millionaire- why would you listen to them? No different than an unhealthy person giving you advice on how to be healthy or how to live your life.

Include your family and friends on your fitness journey. Take them to the gym with you. Take them to a workout class. Meal prep together. My family has completely converted the way that they eat and make healthier choices now simply because I included them in what I was doing!

And sometimes.. you have to cut ties with people. If your friends want to go out and party all the time- make new friends with a similar lifestyle. Trust me, your mental and physical health will improve!

Dairy Free For Me

Recently, a lot of people have asked why I gave up dairy a few years ago. There's many, many reasons and I wanted to write a blog post to discuss the most important ones that led me to give up the D...airy

Let me preface, you can drink milk and eat dairy and still lose weight. But I could write you a diet of only twinkies and if you are eating less than you burn, you will lose weight. We all know that wouldn't be the best diet- it's not about what food you can eat and still lose weight. It's about your overall health.

So, let's get started 

1. Humans are the only species to drink milk from another species. We stop drinking milk from our mothers because we no longer need it. So why drink it as humans... especially from another animal. Are you willing to drink chimpanzee milk? Or giraffe milk? Even cows don't drink milk once they've grown up- they wean themselves naturally. 

2. Cows milk is designed to turn a calf into a 400 pound cow. Clearly that milk is making us fat. Cow's milk is made for babies, and all we ask from babies is to get nice and fat. Frozen yogurt is high in protein and fat and low in carbs and fiber- froyo is specifically designed to turn you into a fat, slow, docile cow. 

3. Dairy milk is pumped with chemicals when the cow is alive and when the milk is pasteurized. Milking cows are pumped with extra estrogen to make them lactate. In a study comparing the cancer rates of 42 countries, milk and cheese consumption were strongly linked to the incidence of testicular cancer. The cancer rates are highest in Sweden and Denmark, where cheese is a national food, and lowest in Algeria and other countries with lower dairy consumption (Debra Wood, RN)

4. Milk DOES NOT PREVENT Osteoporosis. Does cow's milk contain calcium? Yes- which is vital for strong bones... but there's more to the picture. Although milk offers calcium, it cause the body to release even more of it. It's like someone giving you $1,000 but driving away in your car. No matter how much you're getting, you're actually losing. There are so many more ways to get calcium... Butter has 20mg of calcium per 100g serving, milk at 118, and almonds at 234. 

5. The way dairy cows are treated is disgusting. And if you don't believe me- watch the free YouTube documentary: Earthlings. If you don't want to watch it, here's the skinny: cows don't produce milk all the time- no different than humans- they only produce milk to feed their calves. Cows are kept pregnant constantly in order to keep them lactating constantly. Male calves are sent away for veal after 6 months. And once baby is gone, mom is injected with hormones to produce up to 20 times more milk than she naturally would. This puts tremendous strain on her udders which causes the need for more antibiotics. Normal cows should live 20-25 years. Dairy cows live on average, 2-7. And once she has been used up, she is sent to slaughter- not a retirement home. 

If you give up dairy, even for 3 weeks, I promise you- you will feel different. Bloating should decrease, your skin will clear up, and you should have more energy. Just try it! There are dairy free alternatives for EVERYTHING now! 

Simply put, milk is horrid for you. You can get more than enough calcium through veggies. Almond milk and dairy free ice cream tastes so much better too :)