Friday, February 27, 2015

You Want To Tone? Are You A Printer?

Very few things grind my gears. The most frustrating and painful thing that grinds them the most is the word "tone" to describe a woman in the fitness industry. We are not printers. We are muscular human beings.

The word "tone" when used to reference a muscular female literally means developed muscle with low body fat AKA a sexy, sculpted, strong, goddess. Not some limpy, wet noodle female who does air squats to infinity. You should NEVER lift something that weighs less than your purse. Think about it.

Magazines, fitness programs, nutrition plans, etc are all playing into the misconception of "tone" and perpetuating the idiocracy even further.

LADIES, this "tone" look that you want basically means you need to lift more than a 5lb dumbbell, you need to get over your fear of protein powder making you fat, and you need to f***ing push yourself at the gym with the weights. You need to meal prep so that you aren't binging at work on the platter of cookies that the receptionist brings every friday afternoon.

Let's recap.

1. Toning is for printers.
2. You are not a printer. If you are a printer, how are you reading this?

If you want to achieve the goddess look, you need to:
1. Have patience, rome wasn't built in a day and if you are 25 and you have never lifted a day in your life, you won't be ripped in 3 weeks. It took you 25 years to get where you are, have patience grasshopper
2. Lift as heavy as you can while keeping proper form. Our muscles only develop when we push them past their current limitations... So flinging around 3lb pink dumbbells for 10 sets of 100 reps with poopy form won't do much for you.
3. Meal planning. I hate the word "diet" because of the negative connotation that comes along with it. You need to feed the muscles and starve the fat. Decreased your overall body fat percentage to reveal the muscle you are working so hard in the gym to build.
4. Proper supplements, and no I am not talking about steroids. You can achieve beautiful muscle definition without loading yourself up with test

Next Steps:
1. Either hire a coach (me me me!) or conduct your own research and certifications to become knowledgeable to write your own meal and workout programs
2. YouTube is an amazing source if you have a question about your form!
3. Plan plan plan! Fail to plan, plan to fail.

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  2. Im currently following you on instagram and I finally just checked out your blog. I just realized we are from the same area, I live 30 min south of Fort Wayne, IN. I need to get some money together but I am thinking I want to try your training and nutrition program! Being at the Arnold this past friday has got me motivated again although i thought i might see you there, i didn't. It was so crowded and we had our 2 year old with us so we were in and out. Maybe next year though?? Are you currently taking clients?